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Test nowych funkcjonalności na stronie w celu usprawnienia działania i ułatwienia dostępu do informacji

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    1. They argue. While the argument seems to be different the truth is it’s always the same. Yes, the topic may be different or the circumstances, but when all said and done, it all came back to the same thing. They both knew it, but neither has the courage or strength to address the underlying issue. So they continue to argue.

    1. It was a scrape that he hardly noticed. Sure, there was a bit of blood but it was minor compared to most of the other cuts and bruises he acquired on his adventures. There was no way he could know that the rock that produced the cut had alien genetic material on it that was now racing through his bloodstream. He felt perfectly normal and continued his adventure with no knowledge of what was about to happen to him.

  1. It wasn’t quite yet time to panic. There was still time to salvage the situation. At least that is what she was telling himself. The reality was that it was time to panic and there wasn’t time to salvage the situation, but he continued to delude himself into believing there was.